Antenatal Hydrotherapy Classes

LifeCare Willetton Hydrotherapy exercise classes offered from 14 weeks of pregnancy, involving exercise such as gentle cardio, stretching, general strengthening, pelvic floor and deep abdominal exercises. A great way to meet other expectant mothers and let the water take the weight off your joints.

We will need to know who your doctor is prior to the class as we do require a clearance from them, however many have given us a blanket referral for all their patients - so just contact us and we can let you know.

Pilates Physiotherapy

As Pilates Physiotherapy is based around optimal posture as well as pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscle activation, it is an ideal way to exercise during pregnancy. 

Pregnant clients are able to attend our regular studio Pilates classes following an initial assessment with one of our Pilates Physiotherapists. Pilates exercises are able to be modified to account for the changes of pregnancy allowing pregnant clients to continue to exercise safely under the supervision of a LifeCare Willetton Physiotherapist.

Pregnancy Education and Exercise Courses

Four week course for pregnant women (ideally commencing between 20-30 weeks), involving 15 minutes of education on topics such as pelvic floor and safe exercise in pregnancy, followed by 45 minutes of Pilates and fitball exercise.

Prep for Childbirth Classes

A class for expectant mothers and partners from 30 weeks onwards. These classes complement classes run by midwives, with the focus being on coping techniques for those women who want to try and have a natural delivery. These include:

  • Positioning for labour
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation 
  • Pain relief 
  • Using TENS
  • Pelvic floor preparation 

Bookings required, please call to make your booking.